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Last week the Orange County Great Park Board approved the language for Request for Proposals for the waterpark. What that means is they will begin the process of going out to bid and then chose who will develop the waterpark. The proposals are due on February 28th so the new City Council will be the ones who ultimately decide if, when and where to build the waterpark and who will design, build and operate it. We have been working through this process for over ten years now and to hear cautions by some Council Members to go slow is disheartening.

We know as much as anybody that we need to be careful and make sure we do things right but we wholehearted agree with Councilmember Shea that we would like the City Council to be proactive. We have seen how things can move quickly when a proactive approach is taken. That is how the Duck’s ice rink and the temporary replacement to the amphitheater have progressed.

We normally try to stay out of the political arena but it is critical that we have the support of the City Council if Wild Rivers is to return! That is why we are urging Irvine voters to support Anthony Kuo and Christina Shea. They are enthusiastic supporters of Wild Rivers and as long-time community residents they understand what Wild Rivers brings to the City of Irvine. We have seen first-hand the love and commitment they have not just for Wild Rivers but for the City of Irvine.

Thanks for your continued patience and continued support as we move through this very long process.


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